Dysautonomia International

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Dysautonomia International is the first global advocacy organization dedicated to finding the causes and cures for all forms of dysautonomia. We are actively raising funds for medical research, physician training and community outreach. To carry out our goals, we have assembled a team of top autonomic experts, savvy patients and family members and over 100 volunteers – and we have only just begun! If you would like to get involved with our organization or donate, you can contact us at info@dysautonomiainternational.org or you can check back on our website soon, as we will be using our website as a platform to organize educational events, fundraisers, support groups, conferences, etc.”

TDC Admins David and Kyli are current Patient Advisory Board members for Dysautonomia International.  Click here to visit Dysautonomia International’s website.

2013 Dysautonomia Patient Conference & Lobby Day

Who’s coming to the 2013 Dysautonomia Patient Conference (July 6th-8th in DC)? Road trip! Confirmed speakers so far include Dr. Peter Rowe from Johns Hopkins, Dr. Satish Raj from Vanderbilt, Dr. Kamal Chemali formerly of Cleveland Clinic and now at Sentara Neurology, Dr. Svetlana Blitshteyn from SUNY Buffalo, Dr. Hasan Abdallah from The Children’s Heart Institute, Dr. Pradeep Chopra from Brown University, and Keynote Speaker, Susannah Cahalan. Ms. Cahalan is the a NY Times Bestselling author of Brain on Fire, a NY Post reporter, and she became an outstanding patient advocate after she surviving her own battle with anti-NDMA receptor encephalitis, a rare and deadly brain disorder known to cause autonomic dysfunction in 70% of its victims, most of whom are young women. Additional speakers will be added soon. You can learn more about the conference on the Dysautonomia International website: www.dysautonomiainternational.org/2013conference

Click here to visit Dysautonomia International’s website.