8/9/2013- Physician List Removal, Meet Others Program, YouTube Videos, Dysautonomia International

Hello, everyone!

Recently we have had some complaints about doctors on our physician list no longer treating autonomic disorders or that the information was out of date.  Sadly, I simply do not have the time to create a new list and have pulled the listing from the site.  There are lists on other sites and they likely have some out of date info as well but that’s just how it goes.  The “Meet Others” program has been closed.  From what I hear there were not many people using the program to get in touch with other patients in their area.  I can’t justify hours of list revisions for a feature no one is using.  Our YouTube partners are still putting out videos and you should check out the links to their channels!  New videos will no longer be posted for viewing here on site.  Finally, I am currently serving on the Patient Advisory Board for Dysautonomia International.  They are a fantastic organization with a huge 100+ volunteer staff that is accomplishing the types of things I set out to do with TDC but lacked the connections and teamwork to carry out.  Check out the link to their site and be sure to like them on facebook.

Take care,